Agriculture and Irrigation: The Best Kanaflex Series You Should Know

Agriculture and Irrigation: The Best Kanaflex Series You Should Know

Agriculture pipes are utilized for water irrigation, water supplying and pumping up water from the ground. Primarily used for the transportation of water and other fluids in farms, PVC pipes in agriculture work like a charm. The reason Dutron uses PVC instead of metal in their products is that PVC is best suited for both potable and non-potable uses and it is non-toxic as well. Dutron has made sure that whenever a product from the Kanaflex series is exposed to chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, the quality of the product never degrades. The Dutron Kanaflex series is specifically designed to serve the purpose of Agriculture and Irrigation projects. Each product of the series is so durable that it can withstand any level of pressure easily for years. Moreover, the material is safe to deliver all kinds of fluids.


Here is all you need to know about Dutron Kanaflex and its products.

Dutron Kanaflex: 


Dutron Kanaflex is one of the most trusted names in the field of agriculture and irrigation for producing the most flexible PVC hose pipes and supplying them globally. These pipes are most suited for suction and delivery of liquids and gases in varied applications. Dutron Kanaflex PVC Hose is manufactured with the technical know-how from Totaku Industries Inc. Japan since the 1970s and is made by adequate reinforcement secured by proper placement of hard spirals of rigid PVC in soft PVC wall that imparts strength and flexibility. Hence these are the best PVC hoses for irrigation projects and should be used in the field of Agriculture.


Here are the products that Dutron offers in their Kanaflex series. 


Product Range in Dutron Kanaflex Series:


~ PVC Medium Duty Suction (Green)

~ Premium heavy-duty hoses

~ High-Quality Refuelling Hoses

~ Toxin-Free Garden Hose


PVC Medium Duty Suction (Green): 

Dutron Kanaflex M.D Green is used for a medium-duty suction and delivery of water for irrigation purposes in agriculture, saline water, light acids, alkalies and other chemicals except for solvents. 

The product is extremely lightweight and flexible. It is durable and no kinking, bulging or bursting affects it in any rough conditions. Moreover, it has excellent resistance to high vacuum and pressure. The product is available in sizes from 20 mm to 100 mm I.D. in green colour at the working pressure of 3.5 kg/cm² to 7kg/cm² and bursting pressure of 11kg/cm² to 24 kg/cm². 


Premium heavy-duty hoses:

Dutron Kanaflex Heavy Duty Hose helps in the suction and delivery of abrasive materials in industries like coal & mineral in mines, stone & lime in quarries, shipping, sewerage disposal, aquaculture, paper mills, cement, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil exploration, construction, fire-fighting equipment and more. 

The product is abrasion resistant and has excellent resistance to high vacuum/pressure and external impact. The product is available in sizes from 25 mm to 300 mm I.D. in grey colour at the working pressure of 2.5kg/cm² to 8kg/cm² and bursting pressure of 6kg/cm² to 25kg/cm². 


Duct Hose


The Duct hose is used for light-duty suction and delivery, conveying air and gases, cold and warm air installation, cooling of motors, heating ventilating and air conditioning systems, fume removal, handling dust and light materials, vacuum cleaning equipment, transporting wheat and other cereals, transporting powder, gases and liquids. 

It is lightweight, flexible and easy to install. The product is easy to handle due to its rigid outer reinforcement. The product is available in sizes from 16 mm to 300 mm I.D. in grey colour. 


High-Quality Refuelling Hoses:

Dutron Kanaflex Oil hose is made from a special polymer compound which makes it more flexible than a rubber hose. It is durable and lasts longer than any other oil hose. Its smooth inner surface produces a high flow rate with minimum friction loss. Moreover, it is also provided with copper wires veneered in the wall that allows safe suction and discharge of highly inflammable products.

The product is available in sizes from 25 mm to 100 mm I.D. in blue colour at the working pressure of 4kg/cm² to 8kg/cm² and the bursting pressure 14kg/cm² to 22kg/cm². 


Toxin-Free Garden Hose: 

Dutron non-toxic hose is made from special non-toxic material that makes the suction and discharge of beer, wine, milk, beverages and other food items safer. It has excellent resistance to high vacuum pressure and external impacts. 

The product is also available in copper wire in sizes from 25 mm to 100 mm I.D. at the working pressure of 3.5kg/cm² to 7kg/cm² and the bursting pressure of 11kg/cm² to 23kg/cm². 

Dutron has been producing and delivering quality products for the last 50 years. Dutron started its journey with the Kanaflex series that proved why its products are the best for agriculture and irrigation projects. The hard work and efforts Dutron’s team put in making all the products are why Dutron is successful. 


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