Welding Hose

“Superior to rubber, Superior to anyone else”

Welding Hose (Red and Blue)

Duplon Welding hose is superior to convetional rubber hose and it is made of thermoplastic material PVC. This results in convenience due to light weight and economy to use. Duplon Welding hose meets all the requirements where applications such as Oxy-acetylene welding, cutting equipment in all types of industrial workshops, service workshops, ship building and repair yards, garages etc. Duplon Red Welding Hose is used for acetylene applications while Blue/Black Welding Hose for oxygen and other non-combustible gases.

Composition: Made by reinforcement (Braiding) of synthetic yarn in between two or more layers of Soft PVC. The yarn is reinforced in crosswise as well as in longitudinal directions. This provides high pressure carrying capacity as well as good flexibility.
High Pressure Welding Hose
  • Light Weight
  • Superior to conventional rubber hoses
  • Separate red and blue colours for easy identification
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Size in mm Wall Thickness in mm Working Pressure at 30°C kg/cm² Standard Length mtrs.
6 3.1 25 50/100
8 3.35 25 50/100
10 3.5 25 50/100
12 3.6 20 50/100