Plastic water tanks. Does the colour matter?

Plastic water tanks. Does the colour matter?

If you’re concerned about the quality of your water, this is an important subject to consider. Water tanks are available in a variety of designs and sizes. They’re used for a variety of purposes across the country, including supplying an emergency water supply. Believe it or not, this is the only source of fresh water for some farmers and ranchers.


Water tanks made of plastic come in a variety of colours. However, there are some colours on the market now that work wonders in terms of keeping your water pure. Dutron water tanks offer a selection of total block out colours with UV protection that prevent any sunlight from accessing the water. Algae growth begins when the sun comes into touch with water.


What difference does the colour of your Water Tanks make?

Let’s get to the bottom of the burning question now that you know what colours water tanks come in. Make sure you conduct the simple algae-resistant test before purchasing plastic water tanks for your business, home, or ranch. 

Will algae grow in your water storage tanks? was a recent piece I wrote. This emphasises the significance of selecting the appropriate colour for your plastic water tanks. Here are two major reasons why colour is important:


~ The correct tint will keep the sun out, preventing algae formation.

~ It’s also crucial to pick the proper hue to blend in with the surroundings.


What other crucial information regarding Plastic Water Tanks should you be aware of?

There are two decision-making variables that spring to mind, other than the colour of your water tanks. Check out this blog post that answers many of your questions. What kind of Water Tank is Best for Rainwater Harvesting? is the title of the article. This showcases some of the additional features offered by Dutron water tanks.


There are several factors to consider while selecting a water tank. The material and size of the water tank are the most evident factors. When it comes to tank colour, however, it is mostly an aesthetic decision that has an impact on the temperature and quality of the solution contained. Darker colours, such as black, will heat up the water while lighter shades keep it cool.


Colours to Consider for Your Water Tank:

Many customers base their tank colour choice solely on aesthetics and how well the tank will blend in with the surrounding environment. There are two key considerations to mind when selecting a tank colour:


Dark-coloured water tanks absorb more heat from the sun, causing the water to become warm or hot rather than pleasant if used for drinking or other purposes. Bacteria thrive in warmer water because it provides a better environment for them to grow and reproduce.

In UV radiation, some coloured poly blends stay longer than others. Lighter colours, for example, tend to perform better in tests of extreme UV weathering than deeper tones.

If, on the other hand, the water storage tank is positioned in a protected area, These two factors will not be as important as being out of direct UV rays.


Utilization of the Black Water Tank:

Photosynthesis can lead to the growth of algae and the dissemination of light-sensitive bacteria, while blackwater tanks prevent light from accessing the interior matter, where photosynthesis can lead to the formation of algae and the diffusion of light-sensitive germs. When the inner solution is exposed to sunshine, the rate of development can be increased by a factor of ten. As a result, blocking the sun is an important factor to consider while choosing plastic water tanks. Furthermore, due to their inherent robustness, black tanks are more resistant to UV rays and have a longer life.


Utilization of the White Water Tank:

Water tanks are used for a variety of uses and reasons. There are two types of water storage tanks to choose from above-ground storage and below-ground storage. The brilliant white colour of the water tank adds to the overall look. It may be utilised for both home and industrial purposes and adds aesthetic value to your structure. However, while tank colour is primarily a cosmetic decision, it can have an impact on the temperature and quality of the solution stored.


Why choose Dutron tanks? 


Nonetheless, the Dutron water tanks are durable and can survive extreme weather. It is regarded as one of India’s leading water tank manufacturers and suppliers. We provide long-lasting and dependable water storage solutions for home, industrial, and agricultural uses.


The series of Dutron tanks:


  1. Dutron Water Tanks 
  2. Dutron Plus Antibacterial Water Tanks 
  3. Hiflo Water Tanks
  4. Dutron Chemical Tanks


Dutron tanks are available in a variety of colours such as white, black, off-white, blue etc. to choose from. 


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