Know Why Only Copper Metal is Used in Plumbing

Know Why Only Copper Metal is Used in Plumbing

Know Why Only Copper Metal is Used in Plumbing

Electrical cables aren’t the only thing made using copper. Copper is widely utilised to create water pipelines in addition to electrical applications due to its highly conductive qualities. Copper water pipes are widely used in residential buildings, business structures, and public water systems. But after reading this, you might be asking why copper is chosen over other minerals or metals to create water pipes.


Antimicrobial Qualities


Copper is not only harmless but also antimicrobial. A copper pipe that is filled with water kills bacteria and viruses when it comes into touch with them. Copper pipe use can assist to reduce the chance of developing some waterborne infections, but it is not a failsafe method of prevention.


Corrosion and rust resistance


Rust and corrosion are both unaffected by copper. Copper does not rust since it is iron-free. Copper water pipes are naturally resistant to rust since only metals containing iron, such as 

steel can do so.


Water pipes made of copper can corrode, but they do so less frequently than pipes made of many other metals. Copper water pipes frequently endure for 50 years, and perhaps much longer. Copper’s ability to resist corrosion and rust makes it possible for water pipes built of this material to last for a very long time.


It is Durable


Copper is utilised to create water pipes due to its ductility as well. Or, to put it another way, copper water pipes may be bent and warped without breaking. If a copper water pipe won’t connect to a fitting, its ductile properties allow it to be physically deformed. When under adequate stress, copper water pipes can still fracture, but it takes more energy than with other metals.


It’s Affordable


Since there are almost 6 trillion tonnes of copper in the Earth’s crust, it is widely available and frequently less expensive than other metals. Copper pipes help plumbers and builders save money when used for whole water systems. These factors have led to copper’s rise in popularity as a material for water pipe manufacturing.


Problems With Using Older Metals in Pipes


We’ll discuss the reasons why other metals lost favour in order to help you understand why copper replaced them as piping materials in more detail.


Lead: You may be aware of the risks associated with lead in drinking water and the harm it may do to growing children. Plumbing today does not utilise any lead at all.


Cast iron: Cast iron pipes, which were popular in the early half of the 20th century, are extremely vulnerable to corrosion and will eventually disintegrate.


Galvanized steel: For many years, it appeared as though galvanised steel will always serve as the primary material for pipes. To prevent corrosion, zinc solution is applied to galvanised steel. Sadly, after time, this zinc coating washes off the steel and into the water supply. The metal succumbs to corrosion, which allows pollutants to enter the water. Galvanized steel is also more difficult to work with than copper.


Benefits of Using Copper Metals


Any licensed plumber in India who performs repiping work will be able to tell you how simple it is to work with copper. It is a thin metal that cuts readily. There are several other significant benefits for a homeowner as well:


  • ~ It is less expensive than other metals.
  • ~ It is incredibly strong and flexible enough to withstand pressure without simply snapping.
  • ~ It adapts well to fluctuations in temperature.
  • ~ It resists rusting. A copper pipe will often outlast other materials, yet there are a few specific types of corrosion that might impact it, such as corrosion brought on by formaldehyde (formal corrosion).
  • ~ The water won’t become contaminated by chemicals or corrosion.




When we consider all of these issues, it becomes clear why copper is used in manufacturing pipes as well.


As a result, make it a habit to use copper pipes as it gives more benefits compared to other pipes. Also, it will save you money in the short and long run.


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