Know How Plumbing And Drainage Relates to Your Basic Needs

Plumbing and Drainage

Know How Plumbing And Drainage Relates to Your Basic Needs

While thinking of the basic needs of a human being, we tend to consider only food, cloth & shelter leaving out some of the very basic and significant needs of human beings in today’s world without which, expecting greater things like a secure environment, emotional relationships and freedom would be difficult. 

Hence, we believe that the basic needs of a human being specifically include healthy food, clothing, shelter, quality water and quality air. While it may not seem like it at first, having a properly working waste management system in your house is also one of them. 


Your routine life and your daily concerns may not have plumbing and pipeline maintenance on the list but imagine what happens when your pipelines get choked on to something blocking all the waste from being discarded. And to make it even more realistically worse, imagine what happens when that choking gets compounded by the continued overload of human waste, food, hair, toilet paper and god knows what else! 

This is a tricky situation if you decide to act quick and call a plumber but if you ignore it for a few days, it turns into a catastrophic problem for your home’s plumbing system and can cause severe harm to your family health. One can only imagine the kind of toxic air that we’d be led to breathing in such cases. 


One of the big problems in most of our country’s houses is ignorance of the house owners towards the smallest of plumbing problems. What they do not understand is that when there’s a damaged pipeline in your home, it’s because it’s carrying some sort of fungus which is not only hazardous to your health upon being breathed in but also causing an intensive smell that no one can stand. While it can still be treated easily by calling a skilled plumber to solve the situation, the common ignorance among our population usually causes bacterial deposition upon the clogged area making it even worse for everyone living in the house. 


Water quality is something not completely appreciated in emerging countries like India. Individuals stress over fluoride and chlorine in the water and the advantage of how water tastes, failing to remember that generally up to half of all children dying before the age of five is basically because of water-borne ailments. Rusting lines and water pipes that let soil saturate the line, stain the water and represent a genuine well-being hazard. A water radiator that isn’t set at the right temperature or breakdowns turns into a favorable place for microorganisms. 


Tree roots regularly block sewer lines and water lines. The dampness from the line draws in the roots until they begin to develop into the line; this issue is more regrettable for sewer lines because of the additional nutrients they carry. So instead of flushing the toilet repeatedly and expecting the problem to be resolved, call a skilled plumber to run a check on your pipeline and clear the roots if they’re the ones causing the problem. 


About Dutron:

Taking care of your plumbing and not avoiding regular pipeline maintenance in your house can keep you and your family in a safe, healthy and protected environment where you’ll never have to worry about toxic wastes that endanger your family’s health. 

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