How to Avoid the Most Plumbing Problems?

How to avoid the most common plumbing problems?

How to Avoid the Most Plumbing Problems?

A plumbing issue is the last thing you want to happen in your home. It’s much more aggravating when you have visitors and your house. 


There are several things that might create emergency plumbing difficulties, and we’ll go through them and how to avoid them in this post. You will have peace of mind and save time and money if you strive to avoid things that cause plumbing problems.


Here are some important actions to take to avoid having to call an emergency plumber.



1.) Grease will ruin your peace 


Grease from pots and pans should not be washed in the kitchen sink because it will congeal and clog your drain. Greasy dishes, pans, and pots should be washed in a separate bowl and the water should be discarded outside.


2.) Don’t let that hair drain 


When hair and pieces of soap build up in your shower drains or sinks, they can clog them up and prevent water from draining. Using a mesh hair trapper is a highly effective technique to avoid this.


3.) A leaky valve is always a problem


Checking those leaky valves regularly is not a very hard job. Especially when it can prevent some bigger damages and issues.. Right? Replace your leaky valves before it’s too late and solve all the problems they can create beforehand. Flush the tank on a regular basis to keep it from corroding and to save money on water heating.


4.) Don’t just flush “anything”!!! 


Flushing anything other than human waste is a big NO-NO. Items such as paper towels, newspapers, facial tissues, sanitary pads, and cotton swabs can block the pipeline. 


They may flush down first, but over time, they will cause massive plumbing issues for you.


5.) Is the washing machine hose getting brittle? 


Check your washing machine’s hose on a regular basis to make sure it isn’t becoming brittle. If you have a rubber intake hose, you can replace it with a Dutron’s braided hose, which is far more durable.


6.) And of course….. 


Calling a professional plumber in a time of need is always a wise decision. A regular checkup of your home’s plumbing and pipes will help you avoid an emergency plumbing problem in the future; your emergency plumber will also provide you with expert advice on how to best care for your plumbing to avoid emergencies. 


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