Amazing Drainage Pipes That Make Your Drainage System Super Effective

Amazing Drainage Pipes That Make Your Drainage System Super Effective

What is a Drainage System?


Drainage systems are all of the piping within private homes and commercial/public property that channels and removes sewage, rainwater, and other wastewater to designated points of disposal. The core objective of a well-functioning drainage system is to effectively collect and aid in the removal of wastewater, thus ensuring healthy conditions in any building. The best drainage systems are designed to dispose of wastewater as soon as it is expelled and can also prevent gases from sewers and septic tanks from entering the home and organisational premises. The two most important types of drainage systems are surface drainage systems and sub-surface drainage systems. So, let’s dig in and learn more about the types of drainage systems and

how they work.

Types of Drainage System:


Drainage systems are usually used to remove surface and sub-surface water from a given area through drainage pipes and therefore, the drainage systems are named according to their usage.

~Surface Drainage System
~Sub-Surface Drainage System


Surface Drainage System


Surface drainage systems start working as soon as excess rainfall or irrigation is applied. Operating entirely on gravitational pull; A surface drainage system is a way to remove excess water from land surfaces. It is normally achieved by designing open drains. These open drains discharge into extensive and deep collector drains. Sometimes a piece of land is given artificial slopes to easily create the flow of water towards the drain.


Sub-Surface Drainage System


Unlike surface drainage systems, sub-surface drainage systems are specifically designed for the removal of excess groundwater below the soil surface. The sub-surface drainage system focuses on increasing the draining rate of water from the soil and lowering the water table. This increases the depth of drier soil above the water table. The buried pipes are generally made of corrugated, flexible and perforated plastic with a filter material wrapped around it that improves the permeability, preventing the entry of soil particles and other dirt or debris that can cause the blockage.


Difference between Deep drains and Pipe drains


 Open drains use the land that can be used for farming. It limits machinery usage and needs many bridges and culverts when used in road crossings and access to the fields.

– Unlike Open Drains, buried pipes do not cause the loss of cultivable land and maintenance requirements are limited.

Other than these two, there are multiple types of drainage systems that you should know about and what precautions should be 

taken while arranging them.


Other Types of Drainage Systems:


Two pipe system:


In this system, a couple of sets of vertical pipes are used as a soil pipe and another as a waste pipe. They are separately well-ventilated as they both have anti-siphonage pipes. Moreover, the system has four vertical pipes making it the best drainage system in plumbing.

One pipe system:


This system contains only one vertical main pipe that collects both night soil and sullage water. The pipe is usually ventilated at the top. In addition, it also has a separate vent pipe. The system contains two vertical pipes.


Single stack system:


It has a single pipe for soil, waste and vent without any separate ventilation pipe. This pipe carries both night soil as well as sullage and it is extended up to 2 meters above the rooftop with a cowl that works as a vent pipe.


Partially ventilated single stack system:


In this system, the traps of the water closets are ventilated and have a separate vent pipe, called a relief vent pipe. The system has two pipes and the single soil and waste pipes are connected to the vent pipe hence it is cost-effective.


Grey Water Recycling:


Greywater is the type of used water from the basic chores such as showers, baths, basins etc., it flows through a surge tank where it gets filtered and get pumped to a sand filter for the disinfection and then get pumped again into grey water tank so that it can be used again for flushing.

Types of PVC Drainage Pipes:

There are multiple types of pipes which are used for distributing water into the drainage system in houses and buildings.

Dutron is an established brand which provides multiple products manufactured from state-of-the-art machines to serve and fulfill all your drainage needs with quality assurance.

uPVC Plumbing Pipes and Fittings

uPVC Plumbing Pipes and Fittings are economical products used for distribution of water in houses, commercial and industrial buildings. They are non-rusting and sustainable. Also, it has proven hot and cold water performance.


uPVC Pressure Pipes and Fittings

Dutron’s Pressure Pipes and Fittings is used for multiple purposes. They are used for potable water transportation used mainly inagriculture and also in bore-wells as drainage pipes in residential and commercial buildings. They are light in weight and also possess self-extinguishing quality.

uPVC SWR Pipes and Fittings

Dutron’s SWR Pipes and Fittings products are widely used for the drainage of soil waste and connecting pipes used for drainage and distribution of water. They have low thermal conductivity and a wonderful UV resistance.


uPVC Casing Pipes

uPVC Casing Pipes are mainly used in bore-well casing, irrigation and chemical distribution. Many industries and companies now-a-days use it as a replacement to MS, ERW, GI, Asbestos and Cement and SS Pipes. They are light in weight, non-toxic and lowest in friction.

uPVC Submersible Column Pipes

Dutron’s uPVC Submersible Pipes are mainly used to deliver water under pressure from bore-wells. The offered ranges are medium, standard and heavy, specially known for its tensile strength, longer durability and high performance.


uPVC Fabricated Fittings

uPVC fabricated Fittings are used for joining multiple pipes and giving the direction to water through coupler and bends. They are fabricated from pipes.


PVC-U Drainage Pipes

Dutron’s PVC-U Drainage Pipes are used for underground drainage, mainly suitable for sewerage and below ground gravity drainage.They are easy to install, hygienic and leak proof as well.


7 Tips To Consider While Arranging Drainage Systems At Any Place:


  • Here are some basic tips that will make your drainage systems highly efficient.

  • ~ It should be preferably laid by the side of the building to facilitate easy repair and better maintenance.
    ~ The sewage should flow under the force of gravity.
    ~ The house sewer should always be straight and well-ventilated
    ~ The house sewer should be connected to the manhole so that it blocks the backflow of sewage.
    ~ Provide an inspection chamber at the junction wherever there is a change in the direction of the sewer line.
    ~ It is essential that the sewer joints are leak-proof so that it does not create any smell or odour.
    ~ Adequate ventilation systems should be installed.




A drainage system is accountable for getting rid of the surplus water in any property. It is required to drain the extra water for clearing the system and pipes or else it might lead to leaking, flooding, filthy smells, slow draining, in addition to water damage.

Therefore, having a drainage system is important but what’s more important is using standard and quality products that make it long-lasting and more efficient. Dutron offers multiple Drainage Pipes and Fitting products used by many residential and commercial properties and has gained the trust of industries across the world.


About Dutron:


Dutron has been producing and delivering quality products for the last 50 years. Dutron started its journey with the Kanaflex series which proved why its products are the best for drainage, agriculture and irrigation projects. The hard work and efforts Dutron’s team put in making all the products are why Dutron is successful.

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