6 Shocking Reasons Of Why Buildings Lose Water Pressure

6 reasons why building lose water pressure

6 Shocking Reasons Of Why Buildings Lose Water Pressure

Low water pressure is one common issue every home/building owner has to deal with. The reasons for low water pressure in different buildings are various as not every building is the same. However, once you identify the problem, it is easy to fix the issue. Here are some of the few reasons why your building might be having a lower water pressure. 


1. Leaking Pipes 


Damaged pipes can cause leaks. Water leaks in pipes steal from the incoming supply and cause a significant drop in water pressure. While some leaks are easily visible to our eyesight, some of them are not, and this can cause low water pressure as not all the water will make it up to your taps and showerheads. If you ever feel that the water pressure is low, then it is advisable to get it checked by a professional plumber. 


2. Clogged Pipes 


Clogged pipes are probably the most common problem that can cause low water pressure. This is commonly seen in metal pipes as rust can cause an obstruction. Other than this, foreign objects, dirt, and debris can also clog or fracture the water mains. To avoid this problem, make sure to keep your pipes clean with drainage cleaners. 


3. Improper Design 


Another reason that can cause your home to lose the water pressure is the inadequate size of the pipeline. It is best to take advice from an expert to understand your options.  


4. Obstructed Valves


If the internal stop tap of your building is not fully opened, then it can create an issue. Semi-open valves can cause low water pressure, and thus the valve must be fully opened. If the valve is damaged or broken, then it is best to take professional help. It is advisable not to fix it by yourself. 


5. Problem with pumping system


If your building is run with hydro-pneumatic systems for water supply, it is conceivable that the loss of pressure might be because of the pumping system installed to provide water. Check the pumping system to ensure that it is appropriately kept up with and working ideally.


6. Scale Formation 


Like rusting, scaling of pipes will cause deposition of hard salts inside the surface of the pipeline, which can gradually decrease the flow. After a certain period, the flow can get severely limited to the degree that water will dribble from the faucets. Descaling such pipes are extremely challenging, and sometimes the only solution left with you is to replace them. It is always advisable to abstain from scaling issues by putting resources into a water treatment system for your building. 


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