4 Highly Effective Tips On Solving Regular Drainage Problems In Your House

4 Highly Effective Tips on Solving Regular Drainage Problems in Your House

4 Highly Effective Tips On Solving Regular Drainage Problems In Your House

Drainage issues are obviously frustrating as it leaves no single chance to malign our living space as well as our health.


Let’s see some drainage problems that you people face and how we can prevent them without making hard efforts. 


Can you imagine living without water? We bet you can’t even spend a day without water. It is obvious that having no water affects many of your daily activities. Most of the time we avoid calling a plumber when we think the problem is fixable without any professional help. But eventually, this can turn the small defect into a bigger issue. So here we have some common problems you can find with drainage and how one can prevent them.  


Clogged Kitchen Sink: 


We can not spend a day without using the kitchen sink. Sometimes some oil and other greasy food items get put down the drain. Gradually these kinds of fats cool down, solidify and become sludge in the sink pipes that causes the blockage. 


Prevention Techniques: 


– Flush the sink with boiling water 

– Use a strainer before dumping a kind of liquid into the sink 

– Do not let any solid food item get into the drain 


Backed up toilet:


Mostly toilets back up or toilet clogs are the results of foreign objects being flushed. Some things, regardless of what their packaging says should not be flushed down into the toilet. Some people try to flush facial wet wipes, cigarettes, sanitary napkins or cotton balls; And if you are a parent of a toddler, Don’t even get me started on those small toys you’ll occasionally find in the toilet. 


Prevention Techniques:


– Put a trash can beside your toilet 

– In case of a toilet overflow, Shut off the water flow and contact the plumber 


Water Heater Failure 


No, Water Heaters can not clog the drain line. However, It can malfunction sometimes. Many individuals call requiring the help of a plumber because their shower was icy cold. Over the long run, silt can shape in the lower part of the water tank and ultimately coat the heating elements making them malfunction. 


Prevention Techniques:


It’s a smart idea to flush and top off your water tank once per year to extend the life expectancy and keep it in good working order.


Clogged Drainage Pipe


Don’t you just hate it when you go to take a shower after a long day and the water is pooling around your feet instead of going into the drain? All the hair and other kinds of debris go down to your drain when you take a bath and cause the drainage. You can spend a fortune on locally acquired cleaners; However, they will delay the damage. 


Prevention Techniques:

– You would prefer not to harm your tub drain, so make sure to put a trap to gather hair and other stuff from washing down the pipes.

– Use drainage cleaners once a month to keep your pipes clean. 


There’s a saying – “Precaution is better than cure”

It’s always better to take care in advance. We are sure you are not willing to deteriorate your physical health and also spend some hefty charges for your drainage problems.

Believe us, it’s not so hard. Here’s how you can mitigate the chances of regularly occurring drainage problems.


Check for leaks regularly:


Checking all your faucet handles, sinks and toiletries regularly is important. Look if there are any leaks from the toilet flappers, and make sure that all valves are working properly. It is very easy to fix the leaky hoses or valves, but if you miss out on checking up on your plumbing system, It can cost you quite a few bucks. Prevent it by checking on your plumbing system at least once a month. 


Understand the problems with water pressure: 


If the water pressure drops suddenly then it’s time for you to start worrying. Different faucet styles and designs produce different water pressure, therefore you need to judge the pressure according to each tap style. Each of the faucets should have a steady water flow and should not fluctuate. 


Clean the buildup:


Remove aerators from the faucets and shower-heads and remove all the dirt and clean the buildup that can slow down or stop the water flow. Let them sit in the Lemon and Vinegar water and clean.


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